How to Get an Internship at a Career Fair

How to Get an Internship at a Career Fair

Building relationships with potential employers at college career fairs is vital if you want to secure a job after graduation. As a student, the earlier you begin networking opportunities in your academic journey, the better – make sure your presence is felt!

Although it may appear straightforward, attending a career or job fair is far from stress-free. Navigating through the crowd of students and searching for prospects who interest you in a first in-person Internship at a career fair can be intimidating as time runs out to make a great initial impact.

What’s a College Career Fair?

College students, and sometimes even alumni, have the fantastic opportunity to connect with a myriad of potential employers through attending a career fair. Such events are typically held one on one sessions on college campuses or at an off-campus site.

The program offers a unique opportunity to connect with employers, allowing attendees to visit tables or booths per organization in the event space. Additionally, those who register to attend may secure one-on-one interviews with select hiring managers from participating organizations.

Participating in a career fair provides an excellent chance to gain insight into the various employment opportunities accessible from multiple organizations. As a result, you can secure internships, summer jobs, and post-graduate positions. Not only that but attending these events will help you stand out amongst your peers by connecting with employers on a personal level – increasing your chances of getting hired!

Tips for Attending a College Job Career Fairs

Look for a list of participating employers.

Before attending the job fair, peek at your school or organization’s website to understand which employers will be present. Create a list outlining which companies you’d like to connect with and prioritize those in industries that spark your interest.

Afterward, contact the program sponsor directly with any questions or concerns!

Research as many of these employers as possible.

Familiarize and introduce yourself with their personal brand, recent triumphs, and struggles. Then, aim to discover a genuine connection between them and you based on your values, ambitions, and passions.

Craft a list of relevant questions beforehand to ensure you stay on top of the conversation when speaking to someone or a recruiter. This way, you can understand words during your meeting session.

Carefully scrutinize the career, job, or human resources section for more insight on the company website.

 Narrow down internships and jobs that align with your abilities, values, interests, and work experience by accurately pinpointing the perfect match. In addition, recent college graduates should carefully consider training programs to demonstrate their talents and passions best.

Creating a statement or two that illustrate why the job, in particular, is ideal for you will give employers a more comprehensive view of your good fit and your capabilities.

Prepare a general elevator pitch.

Construct an “elevator speech” that encapsulates who you are and what value you can offer employers in just 20-30 seconds. To do this, consider 3-5 significant advantages for any employer to choose you as their candidate.

Reach out to mentors, parents, past supervisors, first-year students, professors, and others familiar with you for advice. Reflect on your prior successes as a student, volunteer, or leader to recognize the strengths and skills that aided those accomplishments.

Stay focused on brand-name employers.

Undiscovered, smaller employers may have the advantage over the most competitive career paths for young hires – providing opportunities to assume substantial responsibility early in their school and professional lives.

Dress professionally and make sure It Fits and better impression.

Put in the effort to look your absolute best for this special occasion. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed when making a good impression; therefore, prioritize looking professional with your wardrobe and appearance.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is a strong representation of your entire career. Therefore, when attending a career fair, it’s essential to have one to make an impression – much like the bow tie on a tuxedo! You must customize yours for the internship fair for optimal impact rather than simply having an old resume.

First and foremost, make sure to get your resume reviewed. Too often, people must consider their substance or appearance before hurrying up to assemble their resumes. So instead, take the time to properly examine what data you include in person and how it appears so recruiters can quickly and confidently understand why they should hire you!

Make Some Sweet Business Card

If you made it through that last portion, prepare yourself to be frustrated. An increasingly popular trend among recruiters is refusing to sign paper resumes at career fairs and requesting they are uploaded onto their company’s website.

Although many recruiters may request to look at your resume, relying on it to make an impact is no longer sufficient. Instead, it would help if you considered more engaging ways to stand out and leave a lasting impression during interviews.

Maintaining a positive, energetic attitude 

It is crucial to remain engaged and enthusiastic throughout your visit. Even if you repeat yourself, a first-time employer may hear you talk – so keep it interesting!

To make a great impression during your job interview, keep your posture erect and lean slightly forward to show interest. Change up the pitch of your voice while speaking to emphasize certain words, and exhibit an upbeat attitude with a smile on your face throughout.

Effective follow-up after the program will be essential.

To further your professional prospects, obtain the contact information of any particularly interested or intriguing recruiters. Ensure that this first communication step effectively conveys your enthusiasm about meeting with them to discuss options.

Your career fair experience can be enriching if you adequately prepare in advance for virtual events, execute to excellence during the virtual fair event, and follow up with quality post-event effort. This trifecta of actions could easily result in job offers!


Differentiating yourself positively in a sea of job seekers can be difficult. Find yourself squished into an auditorium, vying with hundreds of other candidates for just moments of the recruiter’s attention. You must come confident and prepared to face the day and demonstrate what sets you apart.

Suppose you take the initiative to come properly organized, initiate conversations with poise and confidence, and remember to stay in touch afterward. In that case, differentiating yourself at a career fair is simpler than ever! With these strategies as your guide, you’ll be sure to stay a few steps ahead of your competition.

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