What Does a Marketing Intern Do: Understanding the Role

What Does a Marketing Intern Do

A marketing intern plays a vital role in business and advertising, supporting the marketing team in advertising promotional activities, preparing marketing proposals, and gaining hands-on experience in the field. This introductory section provides an overview of the responsibilities, tasks, and opportunities of “what does a marketing intern do.”

From assisting in market research and content creation for online job boards to social media management, competitor marketing, and event coordination, the role of a marketing intern is diverse and dynamic.

By understanding the fundamental aspects of this role, you can gain insights into how marketing interns contribute to the overall success of a company’s database marketing and social media campaigns, develop valuable skills, and lay the foundation for a rewarding career in the marketing industry.

Marketing Intern Job Description

Aspiring marketing professionals who are typically starting their careers work as marketing interns. They support general marketing operations and see marketing trends, and are supervised by a marketing manager.

Their responsibilities inside your company database your organization may vary but generally include creating marketing proposals, organizing events, and researching the market and latest marketing trends.

What Does a Marketing Intern Do?

Interns in marketing can bring some flexibility to your team. The marketing intern works with the full marketing director and advertising team to assist in all aspects of marketing campaigns and will contribute to creating, growing, and managing marketing channels.

The purpose of offering an internship is two-fold. Firstly, your company can gain a new perspective and help with upcoming daily administrative tasks and market monitoring. In addition, your intern needs to gain career-building experience and make professional connections that can aid them in their marketing career development.

While interning, you will be responsible for identifying marketing needs, designing marketing material, doing email campaigns, doing promotional presentations, and collaborating with team members to monitor and evaluate ongoing marketing efforts.

Marketing Intern Work Environment

The workday of a marketing intern can be different every day. For instance, they could prepare marketing proposals or spend one day meeting with the marketing team to plan future marketing objectives.

The marketing intern will perform various tasks such as updating social and trending news on social media accounts, engaging with user comments, and experiencing different areas within the marketing department to obtain overall knowledge and skills. This will occur on other days.

The marketing intern mainly works indoors in the office, where they team up with their colleagues and receive guidance from the marketing manager. The typical workday for a marketing intern will depend on the company’s size.

How to Become a Marketing Intern

To become a marketing intern, you may or may not need to be enrolled in a college program. However, if it is required for graduation, that’s even better. Follow these steps to get started:

Enroll in a bachelor’s degree program with a focus on marketing.

To become a marketing intern, you must first enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in marketing. Then, research the programs you’re interested in and confirm that you meet the minimum requirements before submitting your application.

Finish the mandatory marketing coursework.

Internships usually follow the completion of a degree program to allow students to enhance their marketing skills in depth knowledge, before seeking internship opportunities. Therefore, finish all the required coursework and take notes you can refer to during your internship.

Consider applying for marketing internships.

After finishing the required coursework, you may start applying for marketing internships. However, remember that specific programs may need you to take the internship course or find an internship supervisor.

Choose your desired companies and create a cover letter and resume emphasizing your marketing skills and career objectives.

Marketing Intern responsibilities include:

  • Gathering both quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns
  • Conducting market analysis and competitive research
  • They are assisting the marketing team with their day-to-day administrative responsibilities.
  • Proficiency in utilizing marketing computer software and online applications, such as CRM tools, online analytics, and Google AdWords.
  • Overseeing and maintaining company databases and customer relationship management systems (CRM).
  • Assisting in the coordination and execution of marketing events

Marketing Intern Skills

Interns in marketing typically have entry-level skills in both creative and analytical areas. Therefore for most marketing interns, they will use their internship experience to enhance further and develop these skills.


To be successful as a marketing intern, it is crucial to have strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Therefore, as a marketing intern, you will closely collaborate with other marketing team members and your manager to acquire and enhance your written communication skills throughout marketing intern role.


Interns working in the marketing department are responsible for creating marketing materials. In addition, they are also in charge of managing the distribution of marketing materials contain the who distribute marketing materials manage the company’s social media platforms to improve brand awareness and engagement. This requires a lot of creativity.


To succeed in the marketing field, collaboration is essential. Given the size of many marketing teams, effective communication, collaboration, and task delegation are necessary for completing projects.


Marketing interns must develop their analytical skills to test the results of their marketing strategies and campaigns and create marketing and promotional materials themselves.


The same marketing professional or intern may have several tasks and projects to work on simultaneously. Moreover, they may still attend school and have mandatory coursework and exams.

Aspiring interns can manage their schedules efficiently by improving their organizational skills.

Time management

To meet the deadlines of marketing initiatives, it is crucial to have good time management skills. Developing such project management skills can be done by assigning multiple roles to marketing interns.

Marketing Intern Requirements

To be a strong candidate for marketing internships, having some education, training, and certifications is helpful. Many companies require these qualifications.


Marketing internships often require applicants to be currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, in some cases, completing an internship is a crucial aspect of the marketing degree program.

The required courses for your marketing internship may vary based on the program you are enrolled in. Generally, marketing interns are expected to take on different marketing techniques, related to their internship, such as marketing, digital and social media strategies, and advertising.


The internship is a type of training that allows students to apply their newly acquired skills to a real marketing job. Typically, marketing interns move forward to an entry-level marketing position upon completing the internship for further training.

Whether an internship can lead to a marketing associate position may vary by company. Some internships offer this potential transition to marketing intern positions, but more is needed.


Although certifications are not typically mandatory for a marketing intern position, having them can enhance your chances of being chosen among other successful candidates here. As a marketing intern, you may benefit from obtaining the following certifications:

Google Analytics

Completing the Google Analytics exam online can earn you a certification showcasing your digital marketing proficiency. The exam consists of 70 questions; most people complete it within 90 minutes. However, you must retake the exam every year to keep your certification.

Google AdWords

You can obtain the Professional Certified Marketer certification from the American Marketing Association. However, to get this certification, you must select a preferred track from digital marketing, sales, marketing collateral and management, and digital content, marketing, and marketing management options.

To get certified and become a member of the American Marketing Association, you need to select your industry, finish the necessary coursework, and pass the exam. Additionally, pursuing ongoing education and exams to maintain your certification for each track is essential.

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