Frequently asked questions

Students typically find an internship within 3 to 6 weeks through our platform. However, some students that apply directly when a new Internship offering is posted can come to an agreement with the company within only one week. When the internship requirements are very specific, it can take a longer time to find the right placement, sometimes this takes up to 4 months. We always recommend to start searching and applying for Internships 4 to 5 months in advance to make sure you will find the right placement for you.

There is no set duration for the internships you can find on the website. The companies determine the duration of the internships. Most internships will last between 3 and 9 months but there will be exceptions. 

It is always possible to discuss directly with the company if there can be changes in the duration of your internship if this is required of your education. 

To make use of our platform and set up a personal account, we charge a one-time fee. For any additional services such as personalized help with finding specific internships, we charge an additional fee. You can see our prices here. 

After registering your account, you will get acces to your personal dashboard. This is where you can create your personal profile and also make any changes if needed. 

We do not offer a guarantee for finding an internship through our platform. After creating your personal internship profile, it is up to you to apply for the right internships and to make sure that you come to an agreement with the company. If you choose to use our matching service, we won’t charge you any money if we don’t find the right internship for you within 3 months. 

You can only contact the companies that have listed internships on our platform when you have created and set up your personal account. We do this so that we know that the students that can contact the companies are legit and have the right intentions. However, companies that are not registered on our account do have acces to your account and your contact information. 

Yes, once you have created your personal account, you will have acces to all of the internship listings on our platform. 

Each company that registers on our platform and places internships will be screened by our team before being shown on our platform. However, it is up to the students to make sure the company meets the requirements for their education. We have not set specific requirements or quality control standards for the internships on our platform.