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Our terms and conditions in simple words

We don't make any promises we can't keep

We'll do our best, but we can't guarantee an internship for everyone. We succeed about 70% of the time.

Our money back guarantee

If we don't find you an Internship in time and you want us to stop looking, you get a fair refund!

You decide to stop earlier?

Did you find an Internship yourself or you decide to quit? We work with a refund structure based on your package.

Internship quality

It's your responsibility to make sure the internship company matches your needs and complies with your school's requirements.

Where our service ends

Once you've said "yes" to an internship, our role ends there. If you have any issues or adventures, it's time to deal with the internship provider directly.

Standard legal stuff

If there is any damage, loss or other drama as a result of the use of our service, we're not responsible in any way.
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Stand out from other students and use the trust and authority of our brand

- Show employers you are serious about finding the right internship by creating a personal internship profile.
- Companies receive hundreds of resume's and motivation letters daily, show them you are unique.
- Use the authority and trust of one of the largest Internship platforms in Europe.
- Customize your profile, add photo's a video, experiences and talk about who you really are.

Save €500 to €1500 on mediation fees

- The costs that come with internship mediation can range between €550 and €2000 per placement.
- We believe that this money is better spent during your internship abroad!
- we give you authority over your profile and to reach out to companies you like.

Daily updated internship database

- We keep adding more internship opportunities to our platform on a daily basis.
- Get notified when opportunities in your field are added to our platform!
- Our team is constantly in search of opportunities that match the requirements of the students that work with us.