Alexander Arentsen

Looking for an internship in Bali, South Africa

About Candidate

Hi there! I’m a dynamic and sociable student currently enjoying the final phase of my bachelor’s degree in International Business at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. My hobbies include staying active and spending quality time with friends, whether it’s during the week or on weekends. Having completed my study abroad in Paris, I’ve been fortunate enough to gather some experience with relocating internationally for academic purposes, which I found enriching and exciting.

Internship Objectives

I am on the lookout for an internship in either South Africa or Bali, with a focus on sales or finance. My goal is to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired during my studies in a practical, international business environment.

Educational and Professional Requirements

My university has specific requirements for my internship placement, which includes:

  • Operating on an international level with activities like purchasing, selling, trading, producing, or investing.
  • Being part of a team rather than a ‘one-man-show’; however, a start-up may be considered.
  • The company should not be owned or managed by myself or immediate family members.
  • The ratio of placement students to regular employees should not exceed 1:5.
  • Provision of a personal desk/office space equipped with a computer and internet access.
  • An experienced company supervisor available for guidance, supervision, coaching, and feedback.
  • The internship is set for a duration of 5 months, equating to the 30 credits available for the Project-Led Education module, with a full-time working week of 5 days, totaling 36-40 hours, subject to local conditions.


I am ready to start my international business adventure from February 1st onwards and I’m eager to dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with it.