Anne-Mae van Leeuwen

Looking for an internship in Malta

About Candidate


I’m Anne-Mae van Leeuwen. Come November, I’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday. Currently, I’m in the second year of my HBO program, training to become a secondary English teacher—a journey I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’m eagerly anticipating my experience in Malta, having previously spent an extended period abroad. In my leisure, I’m passionate about playing volleyball and creating music. Moreover, I’m always open to meeting new people and immersing myself in diverse cultures.

Internship Preferences

With prior experience in the fashion industry, specifically in jewelry and clothing stores, I have a keen interest in working in a retail environment (excluding supermarkets). Being on the path to becoming an English teacher, I’m open to opportunities in educational institutions, but I’d prefer a role that places me at the forefront. Additionally, I’d like to share my internship location with Megan de Bie, spending around 7-8 weeks working and then 2-3 weeks exploring the beauty of Malta.

University Requirements

The internship environment should predominantly use English, ideally at levels C1 or C2. I’m not looking for a language course.

If your organization, based in the picturesque landscapes of Malta, is in search of an enthusiastic and dedicated intern with a background in English education and the fashion industry, I’m excited to discuss potential synergies. Let’s connect and make this internship a memorable experience!


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