Timo van den Berg

Looking for an internship in Bali, Denmark, France, Germany, italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden

About Candidate

I’m a 21-year-old Informatics student at Hogeschool Leiden, with a specialization in Interaction Technology. Outside of my academic pursuits, I’m a passionate athlete. I’ve played ice hockey at a high level and am currently working towards excelling in rowing. When I’m not on the field or in the water, I enjoy watching movies and gaming.

What I’m Looking For

I’ve already secured approval for my internship, which is scheduled to start on February 1, 2024. I’m open to opportunities in various countries, including Norway, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Bali, France, Germany, and others.

My University’s Requirements

  • The internship must be aligned with my specialization, which is Interaction Technology.
  • The duration should be about 22 weeks (20 academic weeks, excluding holidays) with a full-time commitment of 40 hours per week.

Internship Preferences

I’m primarily interested in roles related to Front End Development or UX/UI Design. I’m also open to exploring robotics, provided it has to do with user interfaces. While I don’t mind working in a smaller team, I have a preference for larger employers.

I’m excited about the prospect of applying my academic training in a professional environment and am particularly interested in opportunities that will allow me to focus on user interaction technologies. I look forward to the enriching experience an international internship can provide. Thank you for considering my application!