Famke Smeets

Looking for an internship in Barcelona, Spain

About Candidate


I’m Famke Smeets, a 19-year-old studying Commercial Economics who lives in Roosteren, the Netherlands. I am social, self-assured, and love being in good company. Whether it’s attending parties, dining out with friends and family, or hitting the gym, I enjoy it all. I am eager to face a new challenge by opting for an international internship in my third year of studies. This is an opportunity for me to gain new experiences while also focusing on my personal development.

Internship Preferences

  • Role in sales
  • A vibrant and enjoyable team
  • A location in the center of Barcelona
  • An innovative company

University Requirements

  • The internship should offer a new experience in a different environment, thereby broadening my work experience.
  • The relationship between the corporate supervisor and myself should be professional, not involving family, acquaintances, or friends, to ensure objectivity.
  • The company should have in-house expertise for content-based guidance and intellectual exchange with me.
  • Freelancers are not suitable as host companies.
  • The company must have been operational for at least three years.
  • The supervisor must have at least completed a Bachelor’s degree; HBO-level work and thinking are not sufficient. The tasks should be conducted in an HBO work environment.

If your organization in Barcelona, Spain is searching for an enthusiastic and dedicated intern, I’d be thrilled to discuss how I could fit into your team. I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.