Luisa Beine

Looking for an internship in Bali

About Candidate

Hello! I’m Luisa Beine, currently a senior at a business-focused high school (Wirtschaftsgymnasium) in Germany. I’m eagerly anticipating the completion of my Abitur next year. Following this, my goal is to delve into the world of architecture by pursuing a degree in this field.

Internship Objectives

I am seeking an internship opportunity in Bali, ideally related to architecture, interior design, commercial management, or design. This experience aims to broaden my understanding and skills in these areas, serving as a stepping stone towards my future architectural studies.

Educational Background and Aspirations

  • I am currently in the 13th grade at a Wirtschaftsgymnasium.
  • My plan is to study architecture after completing my high school education.
  • I have a keen interest in both the creative and technical aspects of architectural and interior design.

Internship Preferences

Fields: Architecture, Interior Design, Business Administration, and Design.
Location: Bali, where I hope to gain exposure to unique architectural styles and practices.

I am planning to start my internship on July 8, 2024, with arrival scheduled for the preceding weekend.