About Candidate

Hello, I am Lulu! A very passionate software developer. I am 20 years old and have being to become a full-stack developer for 2 years. The reason I am looking for an internship is to finish my degree and I am super excited to start working.

I am always thinking in solutions and am a very analytical thinker. I can pick up on new concepts quickly and use my already acquired knowledge in new and different ways. During my studies I’ve learned to work well in a development team and have a structured scrum plan and test my software regularly.  I like working in a team and can focus very well individually to be very productive and efficient. Whenever I can help out my friends around me I will always try to teach and help out. I am hoping to work in a team where I can also ask for help and learn from others.

I’ve been learning and using front-end tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for 2 years and have been busy for a year with back-end tools like PHP and it’s framwork Symfony together with the database MySQL.

I am looking for an internship where i can build on this skills and broughten my knowledge in web development, software development or focus more deeply in either front-end or back-end. I am looking to work for 26 weeks in Australia, I really like the culture over there and hope to go to my internship with a smile every day.

When I am not working or studying I love to go running and listen to music in my free time to clear my head.

If you have any more questions about me feel free to reach out!



Software Development 2021 - Currently
ROC Mondriaan

I am in my second year of software development where I've learned a strong foundation for web development. During my first year, I focused on learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which I have two years of experience with and learned web development concepts like responsive design, accessibility and user experience.In my second year of studying, I learned about PHP, MySQL, and the Symfony framework. I have one year of experience in these areas, which helped me to create dynamic web applications, connect and handle databases, and build functional websites.My study taught me that working with others is very important. We worked together a lot in teams, used GitHub and used Scrum to manage projects. I've also learned to write requirement analyses, technical plans, and functional plans and learned to test my software regularly.

Work & Experience

Store Employee July 2022 - December 2022

As store employee for Touchfix, I repaired smartphones and provieded customer service, I worked tightly with my colleges to really effecient. I was also responsible for updating the website with new items and servecies we provided in the store to inform and attracted new costumers. I have learned a lot about working in a team, how to work with costumers, to lead others and to quickly find the best solutions for many different problems.

Store Employee April 2023 - Currently

As a store employee for EkoPlaza, I was responsible for ensuring that all organic products were stocked and displayed nicely in the store. I also worked as a cashier and salesperson, and made sure that the store was clean and organized. This required a lot of flexibility and I need to switch between various roles and throughout the day.