Megan de Bie

Looking for an internship in Malta

About Candidate


My name is Megan de Bie. I’m a 20-year-old student pursuing a degree in English Education at Hogeschool Utrecht. Day-to-day, I’m deeply engrossed in my studies, work, and social life. I have an innate love for exploration. Outside of academia, I’m an avid gym-goer and spend quality time with my horse.

Internship Preferences

I have garnered experience in the clothing industry, working with children, and engaging with animals. I’m keen to integrate these experiences into my internship. Ideally, I’d like to avoid roles in supermarkets. Working in a school setting is appealing to me, particularly if it entails being at the forefront of a classroom rather than behind a computer. Additionally, I’d love to collaborate with Anne-Mae van Leeuwen during the internship. My preference is a 7-week internship followed by 3 weeks of exploration, though I’m open to an 8-week internship with 2 weeks of exploration.

University Requirements

The environment should be primarily English-speaking, targeting a C1/C2 proficiency level. Please note that language courses aren’t desired.

If your organization, preferably situated in Malta, is in search of a devoted intern with a strong background in English Education and a plethora of diverse experiences, I’m enthusiastic about exploring potential opportunities. Let’s team up and make this internship journey fruitful for both parties!

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