Olivia Acheampong

Looking for an internship in Ireland, United Kingdom

About Candidate


I’m a 21-year-old law student with a passion for reading, dancing, and singing. My intrigue in the field of law was sparked by watching police series on TV, leading me to develop a specific interest in administrative law, particularly in the context of municipal work. Prior to my current studies, I completed my training in legal administrative services, which set a solid foundation for my current legal pursuits.

I pride myself on being social, kind, honest, and decisive. My motto has always been, “Never stay down!” and this resilience drives me forward in my personal and academic endeavors.

Internship Preferences

I am specifically looking for an internship that is focused on administrative law.

University Requirements

A brief overview of the stipulations:

  • Students must sign a declaration and consider a Plan B in case the mobility unexpectedly cannot proceed. This declaration can be found at mijnhva.nl/naarhetbuitenland.
  • Students are only allowed to travel if the color code of the destination is either green or yellow, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the day of departure. Students are prohibited from traveling to areas with orange or red codes.
  • If the color code of the region changes to orange or red during the student’s stay abroad, they must return to the Netherlands as per the guidelines set by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If your organization, situated in either Ireland or the United Kingdom, is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic intern with a penchant for administrative law, I am eager to explore how I can contribute to your team. I’m looking forward to starting this journey on February 6, 2024, as part of my HBO Law program.

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