Roan Willemsen

Looking for an internship in Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

About Candidate


I’m Roan Willemsen, a student at Avans University of Applied Sciences. I have a particular interest in undertaking an internship in Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia. While Vietnam is my primary choice, I’m open to opportunities in Thailand or Indonesia if they align with my profile. I’m an extroverted 18-year-old (turning 19 by the time I start my internship) currently living in Breda, having moved from a small village in Zeeland where I spent most of my life. My competitive spirit is evident in my love for football and tennis, where I continually strive to enhance my skills. Besides sports, I cherish moments spent with friends, whether it’s grabbing a drink or hitting the town. Having previously traveled to Southeast Asia and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I’m eager to explore internship opportunities in the same region.

Internship Preferences

I’m interested in roles related to sales, marketing, or finance.

University Requirements

  • The organization must assign a contact person to provide me with a research assignment. This topic should be mutually agreed upon by all parties involved.
  • I should receive clear instructions regarding my daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Regular performance discussions, including a mid-term review, are required to ensure I’m on the right track.
  • The internship should span 19 weeks, with a minimum of 36 hours per week, totaling 5 workdays each week.
  • The company should have a workforce of at least 20 employees.

If your Vietnam-based organization is in search of a proactive and committed intern with interests in sales, marketing, and finance, I’m excited to discuss how I can contribute. Let’s connect and work towards a mutually beneficial internship experience!