Storm Roukens

Looking for an internship in Sweden

About Candidate

Nature and technology enthusiast with a passion for design.

While mechanical engineering and nature can often clash on many fronts, I am enthusiastic about both. Ideally, I aim to harness my passion for mechanical engineering to create sustainable solutions. My minor in data analysis helps expand and apply my technical skills in this context.

I combine my studies with a part-time job as a crew member at McDonald’s. I also gained valuable experience during engaging internships at Always Right Tooling and LAN Handling Technologies. This has sharpened my organizational skills and taught me that teamwork and customer-focus are the keys to delivering excellent results. At LAN Handling Technologies, I had the privilege of designing an industrial turntable, further igniting my interest in mechanics.

Apart from my studies and work, I enjoy investing time in my other hobbies, such as gaming, the gym, health, trivia, and movies. People describe me as humorous, friendly, intelligent, and socially skilled. I appreciate their kind words.

As a future mechanical engineer (hopefully in Sweden), I am determined to make the world a better place, and innovative design remains the most enjoyable path for me to achieve that goal.


University Requirements

The internship should:

  • Result in a product, service, or process within a practical, mechanical engineering context at HBO level.
  • Align with the competence level and content as determined by the program.
  • Allow me to work independently and effectively on the required competencies.
  • Be completed within a period of 800 hours during half an academic year.
  • Yield a well-defined end result.
  • Be executed solely by me, not in duos or larger groups.
  • Be important to the offering company.

Additional Requirements for an International Internship

  • Approval from the examination board is necessary.
  • Regular communication about the assignment is required, and agreements must be made in advance.
  • Communication language should be decided in consultation with the company and the primary faculty advisor, e.g., English.
  • All agreements with the internship company must be documented and reported to the internship coordinator.

Additional Requirements for a Confidential Internship

  • The faculty and external experts must be able to see all project results.
  • Reports should be marked as confidential/proprietary.
  • Final reports must also be submitted electronically via Brightspace, indicating whether the content is confidential.
  • The program should have one electronic copy of the final report for accreditation purposes.

If your organization aligns with my internship criteria and is seeking an intern who is proactive, dedicated, and eager to learn, I would be thrilled to connect with you.