Wessel Egbers

Looking for an internship in Barcelona, Spain

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Wessel Egbers, 23 years old, hailing from Enschede. I’ve completed my training as a teaching assistant at the MBO level and am currently in my third year of Social Work studies. By February 2024, I’ll be eagerly stepping into my fourth year.

Passion and Approach:

My driving force is my passion for working with people and supporting them through their journeys, whether challenging or joyful. I’m always on the lookout for solutions, infusing my enthusiasm into others to encourage collective progress. It’s pivotal for me that the people I help are willing participants in their growth, ensuring that we achieve goals collaboratively.

Internship Goals:

I am seeking a social internship that allows me to facilitate people’s learning processes. I’d thrive in an organization with a youthful vibe. While a paid internship would be a bonus, the flexibility to visit the Netherlands occasionally would be highly appreciated.

University Requirements:

The exact deadline for internship approval isn’t specified yet, but the aim is to secure it by the end of 2023. I’m part of a pilot program, and the university is still finalizing the plan, which will be more of a guideline than a set rule, pending approval.

Planned Internship Duration:

The current expectation is an average of 24 hours per week (3 days) dedicated to the internship, translating to 25 ECTS credits. I’m open to more hours if it suits the organization better. The remaining two days are reserved for self-study. The internship should span at least 14 weeks excluding holidays, from February 12 until the end of June or July.

Learning Objectives:

  • I aim to work on and formatively assess my professional competencies (10 ECTS credits).
  • I’ll be conducting a comparative study of social care experiences between the Netherlands and the host country (10 ECTS credits).
  • I will work on developing international competencies through reflection and assignments linked to my internship and stay abroad (5 ECTS credits).
  • Optionally, I would also like to explore the future of social work within my field, independent of the internship (5 ECTS credits).

Important Consideration: The university emphasizes that I should not work with vulnerable children, such as those with attachment issues, due to the temporary nature of my stay.