Architecture internship – Urban planning

July 20, 2023

Job Description

1. Architectural and urban planning projects on which the student will work during the internship:

  • Architecture and urbanism competitions
  • Base design, working projects and project management of ecological buildings

2. The tasks that the student will perform during the internship:

  • Developing of architecture and urbanism competitions as well as projects for ecological buildings

3. The knowledge, skills and social competences the student will acquire during the placement:


  • Knows and understands the basic methods, techniques, tools and materials used in solving engineering tasks in architectural design
  • knows and understands maintenance issues of facilities and systems typical for design

Architectural design

  • knows and understands the principles of functioning of an architectural studio in the context of organization of work in particular phases of the design process
  • knows and understands standards and norms in architectural and urban design, useful in performing auxiliary works
  • knows and understands methods of organization and course of the design and investment process, as well as the role of an architect in this process


  • Able to assess the suitability of typical methods and tools for solving a simple engineering task of a practical nature, typical for architectural design
  • Able to design a simple object or its fragment, typical for architectural design, according to given specification
  • Able to produce elements of architectural and construction documentation in appropriate scales, cooperating with design team members

Social competence

  • Ready to adapt to new and changing circumstances in the course of creative professional work
  • Ready to correctly prioritize actions aimed at realization of a specific task
  • Ready to undertake work on site in the field of architectural issues
  • Prepared to perform the profession of an architect