Hospitality Internship – Resort & Spa

Job Description

Who Are We

Are you a student interested in the hospitality industry? We are a prominent hotel in Tenerife, dedicated to providing exceptional service to our guests. We believe in creating a memorable experience for our guests by going above and beyond in every interaction. We are offering an internship opportunity that will help you develop your customer service and communication skills in a real-world setting.

Your Role In Our Team

You will play a crucial role in ensuring our guests have a pleasant and memorable stay. Your responsibilities will include welcoming guests, providing information about the hotel and Tenerife, preparing personalized surprises for special occasions, organizing medical help, handling international correspondence, and managing complaints.


  • Welcoming Guests: Ensure guests feel welcomed and looked after during their stay.
  • Providing Information: Give information about the hotel and Tenerife to guests.
  • Special Occasions: Prepare personalized surprises for birthdays, anniversaries, and honeymoons.
  • Medical Help: Organize medical help for clients when necessary.
  • International Correspondence: Handle international correspondence by email and phone.
  • Complaints Handling: Manage complaints in a professional and empathetic manner.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must understand and speak a minimum of Spanish.
  • Minimum internship period: 3 months.
  • Internship must be part of an agreement between the school, student, and hotel (stamped and signed by the school).
  • Must have a N.I.E. number and Social Security Number assigned prior to the starting date.
  • Must have complementary private insurance for accidents and illness during the practice period.

We Offer:

  • Shared accommodation (maximum 3 per room).
  • Board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • A retribution of €300 per worked month.

Application Process:

To apply for this internship, start by creating your personal profile with Internship Matching. They will evaluate your profile to see if we are a good match for each other. If everything aligns, they will arrange a video call so we can have a more in-depth conversation and discuss the opportunity further. This process ensures a smooth and efficient experience for you and us both!

Join Our Team!

If you are enthusiastic, organized, and passionate about providing excellent customer service, apply now to join our team and gain invaluable experience in the hospitality industry!