Human Resource Internship – Co-Working Space

Job Description

This co-working place is a next-generation travel and hospitality brand designed to meet the needs of remote professionals and digital nomads seeking to live, work, travel, and explore the world.

Our destination neighborhoods deliver boutique coliving accommodation combined with modern coworking spaces, travel and wellness programs, cafe and bar offerings, as well as social and recreational events. Our online community connects our members to a network of fellow nomads and travelers, as well as career opportunities and lifestyle content.

Founded in Indonesia in 2016, This co-working space has expanded to multiple locations in the nomad hubs of Bali and Sri Lanka, with further locations coming online in the region in late 2022.

Who we are:

  • We venture to the frontier because, out there, we belong.
  • We travel not to escape, but to engage—to add to our lives— not replace what’s missing.
  • We experience new destinations; not just see them. Curiosity guides our quest.
  • We search for fellow explorers, creatives and entrepreneurs who share our values. We seek to understand one another, embrace our differences.
  • We’re not a community of like-minds. But a rich mix of cultural creatives, living, working and sharing on the frontier. Contribution to something greater compels us.
  • Our journey is more than venturing down a new path; it’s discovering a new train of thought.
  • Come join a growing company and help us redefine how people will live, work and find their purpose.

Who We Are Looking For: 

Person who will be the face of the company brand with an excellent communication skill with a warm and fun personality.


  • • Student or fresh graduate who is proactive, ambitious, and passionate
  • • Commit to work on-site from our space 
  • • Have good communication skills, both oral and written.


  • • Internship Certificate
  • • Get real experience with an international standard for a minimum duration of 6 months internship.
  • • Explore your future career path and develop your skills.
  • • Get exposure to people in various departments and jobs.
  • • Transition to a permanent job (for the successful candidate)
  • • Positive and supportive work environment


  1. Overview recruitment process with P&C team.
  2. Participating in employee relations activities, including addressing employee inquiries, resolving conflicts, and promoting a positive work environment.
  3. Assisting in organizing and coordinating training programs, workshops, and employee development initiatives.
  4. Assisting with HR administrative tasks, such as data entry, generating reports, and maintaining HR files and documents.