Introduction Video

By recording an introduction video as part of your profile, you can significantly enhance your chances of standing out and capturing the attention of potential internship providers. Let’s explore the benefits of creating an introduction video and how it can help you in your internship search.

The Benefits of an Introduction Video

Speed up the process

Students with an introduction video find their internship 2 to 3 times faster.

More interviews

Students get an average of 40% more invitations for interviews with an introduction video.

Increase your value

Show recruiters that you are motivated and willing to go the extra mile

The goal is to make the recruiters’ job as easy as possible. An introduction video will take away a big chunk of the screening process. They can see your way of communicating, level of english and your willingness to go the extra mile.

What to Include in Your Introduction Video

To make the most of your introduction video, follow these guidelines:

  1. Introduction: introduce yourself generally, talk about where you are from, what studies you are following and talk about what kind of internship you are looking for and in what country. 

  2. Your why: talk about why you are pursuing an internship abroad and what you are looking to get out of this experience. 

  3. Passion and Motivation: Express your genuine passion for the field and the specific internship country you want to go to, explaining why you are motivated to pursue it and why you are the right candidate. 

  4. Conciseness: Keep your video within the recommended duration of 1 to 3 minutes to ensure it remains engaging and you are not using fluffy words. 

If we can do it, so can you!

This is shot with an iPhone 12 leaning against a laptop. There are some notes on the laptop, don’t hesitate to do the same. 

By incorporating an introduction video into your profile, you can significantly increase your chances of securing the perfect internship. Stand out from the competition, make a personal connection, and demonstrate your enthusiasm and skills through a dynamic video presentation.

It might help to think about this

Almost everybody feels nervous or uncertain while recording a video of themselves. That’s exactly why you will stand out from other students if you do. 

Don’t worry about doing this perfectly, nobody is perfect. Did you stumble over some words? Just correct yourself and keep going. 

You got this. 

Got your video?

You can send your video through WeTransfer to [email protected] or on whatsapp to ‪+31616803478‬.